Erik Johansson

VP of Mortgage Lending

Office Phone:
[email protected]

CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
102/104 First Street
Batavia, IL 60510


About Erik

Since 2002, Erik considered himself more of a consultant and someone who caters to his clients needs, rather than a member of the “sales” community. He values transparency vs. traditional “black boxed” information hoarding. He believes that the consumer deserves unfettered access to be able to make an informed decision, rather than being guided down a predetermined path. In addition to being a Top 1% producing originator, he is also a classically trained chef.


Resources & Tools

Learn more about our 21 day loan process and home loan options as well as utilize some helpful tools and resources.

21 Day Loan Process

We can close most loans in as few as 21 days! Learn about the 5 step process for our program here.

Mortgage Checklist

Make sure you have all the necessary required documents and information during the loan process with this checklist.

Home Loan Types

Looking for help about what types of loans to apply for? See all your options for buying and refinancing.

Renovation Loans

Looking to buy a fixer-upper or want to make repairs to your current home? Learn all about getting started here.


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