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How accurate are those credit scores on my credit card statements, Credit Karma, etc?

Here's what I tell clients multiple times a week...those credit scores are worth what you pay for them, which is nothing!

The 3 credit bureaus charge money for anyone to get the scores they generate. So even when something says it's your Experian score, if you're not paying for it it's really just a MODEL of Experian.

I often get clients who tell me "my score is 720" and then they are really dissapointed when I tell them their mid-score is actually 677.

So why does your credit card bother with this? Marketing of course! Why does Credit Karma invite you to come to their site to see your scores? One guess...

It's frustrating to see people's dissapointment but this "credit industry duping" probably isn't going away anytime soon. I just wanted you to know that many times when clients think they know their credit scores...they don't. And the differences are often significant, unfortunately.