Headshot of Dan  Krucek

Dan Krucek

SVP of Mortgage Lending

Office Phone:
[email protected]

CrossCountry Mortgage
2936 West Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


About Dan

I am the “go-to guy” when mortgages need saving. After acquiring valuable experience and knowledge over the last 20 years, I’m able to find solutions to any unique situation, regardless of my clients’ background or stage in life. Because of my expertise, I’ve been able to help them secure financing that they could not obtain elsewhere.

I’ve assisted thousands of borrowers with their home financing needs, so I understand that every client is different and requires solutions catered to their individual needs. I specialize in creating out-of-the-box strategies and answers that meet even the most difficult problems for homebuyers. My days, nights, and weekends are focused on helping people and their families purchase their dream home.


Resources & Tools

Learn more about our 21 day loan process and home loan options as well as utilize some helpful tools and resources.

21 Day Loan Process

We can close most loans in as few as 21 days! Learn about the 5 step process for our program here.

Mortgage Checklist

Make sure you have all the necessary required documents and information during the loan process with this checklist.

Mortgage Calculators

Determine your mortgage payments, refinance savings, and compare renting vs. owning a home.

Renovation Loans

Looking to buy a fixer-upper or want to make repairs to your current home? Learn all about getting started here.