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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To List Your House

Woman browsing current homes on the market

Low interest rates, low supply, and high demand all add up to big return potential. Now is the most opportune time to take that leap into selling your home.

As we head into Q4, ShowingTime is reporting that buyer showings are up 61.9% compared to 2019. Prime selling season is May through July, traditionally when the kids are out of school for the summer. In August of 2020, inventory levels for available homes on the market dropped by 30,000 properties. We expect to see a continued decrease in inventory levels as the holiday season approaches.

Is your price right?

With less inventory and still-high demand, your home will receive more attention when it is priced competitively. That is the key: price the house right. A real estate agent will be able to help you compare comps in the area to formulate the most realistic price you can get for your home. This may even result in a bidding war, allowing you to sell your house at a higher price than originally listed.

Since there are a shortage of homes, buyers will likely forego their “must-have” lists and be more open-minded. Additionally, with many individuals still working from home and some areas of the country closing back down, home improvement projects are skyrocketing, giving your house even more opportunity to sell if the property does not perfectly suit the wants of a potential homebuyer.

Winter brings benefits to sellers.

This winter will offer some unique opportunities to sell. Some companies are sending their workers back into the field, meaning there will be some first-quarter relocations. These people are looking to settle into a new house quickly. The great news? They typically have credited moving expenses to burn through.

In colder climates, listing in the winter can actually save you money because it is not necessary to improve the landscaping. If you choose to list in the spring, curb appeal can be everything, and that can be costly. Additionally, homes move faster in the winter months. Potential homebuyers want the buying process to be over and are more willing to pull the trigger.

Rounding this out, now is simply the best time to list your house. Reach out to the Jen Martinez Team to crunch numbers, get in touch with some local agents, and have a seriously great time with the homebuying and selling process!