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Real Estate Marketing Trends to Elevate your Business in 2021 – Part One

In the past, cold calling and sphere prospecting worked, and they still do but as technology evolves, a growth mindset is beneficial because it will spark new ideas to reach a larger audience while being able to hone in on specific markets and build you a larger referral base. Upon industry research in real estate, marketing, tech, and social media, here is part one of a list compiled to help you surpass your marketing goals for 2021 and expand your growth mindset.

Social Media Influence

A realtor posting a video of her new house listings for clients

Social media is practically required in any market. In a previous blog post about social media tips for real estate professionals, we produced 21 tips to implement in 2021. We can see engagement boosts with contests, polls, and Q&A on Instagram and Facebook by creating a safe and fun place to ask questions for prospective buyers and sellers, connect with the community, and with more people engaged in your good content, the algorithms will pick it up and often times push your reach more organically. Remember, Instagram is primarily recommended to be used to sell a lifestyle in the community rather than individual homes you have listed.

Understanding and Cultivating Your Why

Do you know your why? Why did you choose to get into real estate? Humans make most decisions (and purchasing decisions) on emotion. Creating your brokerage's mission, vision, and core values that align with your why, what you want to accomplish, and how you accomplish those missions and visions allows you to open a whole new category in social media and website branding. You want to push your message and make potential clients FEEL why they should hire you and your team.

Videos Boost Engagement

Remember when I mentioned on Instagram, you should utilize the platform to sell a lifestyle? It’s about falling in love with the home and about falling in love with the community. Videos often produce more views on your platforms, gaining more exposure to your business. It’s highly recommended that for properties with the budgets to create a short film highlighting the best of the home's features and the community the home is situated, can help potential buyers feel some type of way on what daily life could be – not using any words. If you choose to do a video with you doing Q&A or talking in the video, make sure to include captions because oftentimes, people will watch a video while scrolling without actually clicking on it, thus, not hearing the sound. By including the captions, it more heavily involves the individual watching the video.