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Real Estate Marketing Trends to Elevate your Business in 2021 – Part Two

Having a growth mindset is crucial to creating a lasting business model. Last week, in part one of real estate marketing trends to elevate your business in 2021, we touched on social media influences, building your brand, and how video boost engagement thus engulfing a larger audience for potential conversions. This week, we’ll go over-targeting expired listings, client communication, and collaborations to set you apart.

Expired Listings

The real estate market is hot, there is no denying that, however, there are still some homes slipping through the cracks and haven’t been sold or the client/real estate agent relationship did not pan out. Circle prospecting expired and/or canceled listings in targeted areas is a great way to get ahold of more inventory and when an opportunity of earning new business comes, take what makes sense for you and your business. It’s not just a matter of cold calling, you want to think bigger, look at software and systems that can help you reach out to more people, more quickly and then make sure to get warm and friendly people in front of these prospective clients to close the deal.

Client Communication

One of the top reasons why an agent loses the opportunity to sell a house or help a client find a new house is because they were too slow. We’re talking, just minutes too slow. Take some time to look into lead scoring systems that categorize “now vs nurture” business that allows for custom triggers that monitors how many times they look at your website, which properties in particular that they’ve looked at, and whether they look at the nurture emails you send them. With nurture emails, you can also look at how many times someone has opened an email, the length of time spent on that email, and more. This software keeps you communicating often to potential clients even if it’s not directly.

Partnerships and Collaborations

If you have some time, reaching out to local magazines or newspapers could be a super great way to build a relationship with the community with a monthly real estate column, highlighting relevant content that is highly personalized to the community, making you the ‘local expert’. Once published, use that piece for your own social media, killing two birds with one stone. Additionally, team up with an agent in another state to target second homebuyers where you run lead gen social media campaigns to target prospective second homebuyers (if you live in a state like Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee a network like this could be incredibly beneficial).