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Real Estate Marketing Trends to Elevate your Business in 2021 – Part Three

Videos attract attention. Period. You only get approximately 5 seconds to make an impression on a scrolling user. High-end photos are great for other modes of social media like Instagram, but, a compelling video can hold attention 5 times more than still photos. Many individuals are visual learners, buyers, etc., and “90% of users claim that videos help when making purchasing decisions” according to Webnus. This is due to consumers having the opportunity to see the homes they would consider purchasing, the neighborhood, and where they will spend their weekends unwinding. You can also appeal to users that aren’t too keen on reading products descriptions and are more emotion based when making purchases.

Another pro? It is generally easier to attract new customers. Professional videos that are posted to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (IGTV) help promote your brand, the homes you currently have for sale, and allows for targeted ad features to reach custom audiences within a controlled budgetary setting, making your penny stretch more efficiently.

Videos help build trust with your audience base. In real estate, and any profession really, you want to appeal to your clients, and make them feel like they’re part of the community you cater to or make the locals feel more confident on their choice to list them home and purchase a new one that better suits their needs. When a solid foundation is created with customers and other real estate professionals, you can depend on your clients and your peers to spread the word about you and the homes you have listed. Videos allow you to showcase you, what you stand for, and allows you to show people why you’re delightfully you. Instead of talking at your audience base, you want to invoke a feeling of conversation and then for your clients to pick up that phone and give you a call to list their house!

One of the more important reasons to utilize video – it can help you rank more organically with search engines such as Google. When your website has engaging content and you’re regularly posting to YouTube and updating your website and social media, there can be a significant increase in how your videos (and don’t forget SEO for text content) affect your google ranking which is crucial to keep a top spot when people search for real estate professionals.

Lastly, social media is designed for people to seamlessly share content they see. Make sure that your videos are highly mobile-friendly. According to Buffer, 94% of Facebook users are active mobile users rather than on a desktop, LinkedIn has 60% of its unique visitors via mobile and Instagram is a mobile-first app. The more engaging your content and more frequent the content, the higher likelihood of users to share your content, thus, increasing your audience base.