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Top Reasons Why Purchasing a Home with a Real Estate Agent is Important

Buying a home without an agent has crossed your mind at one point or another and you’re thinking, there are plenty of resources for both buying and selling that can help “do-this-yourself” mentality and you’re a skilled negotiator. There are some people that can totally do it – but chances are, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this, and it most likely isn’t their second or third either. A Real Estate agent will become your advocate and more likely than not, they can get you a better deal. Sorry to say!

If just that last line isn’t enough to convince you, I’ve got 3 reasons to really drive my case.

Potential homebuyers planning what they want for their first home

Local Expertise

In the videos we post, we make it a point to mention that we are a local lender and we would like to pair you with a local real estate agent. Local expertise is incredibly helpful and many realtors work in specific areas, they really hone in on those areas to stand out. Depending on your preference for a new build, some realtors have special connects with builders in a specific area, getting you more bang for your buck. Additionally, the realtors can let you know what to expect, like, will it be a bidding war and to come in with your strongest offer (definitely – it’s a seller’s market) or what the inventory looks like and what you can expect to pay for a certain type of house in that desirable neighborhood you’ve been eyeing.

Their Network

Real estate agents are usually heavily networked, meaning they typically have a preferred mortgage lender, a home inspection company and real estate lawyers if needed. Along with those items, they may know when a certain house is getting ready to list so you can be one of the firsts to take a look at it.

Document Experience

If you decide not to use a real estate professional, then you’re responsible for the paperwork associated with buying the house. You have to be reasonable and do comparative market analysis to make sure that the house you love is priced correctly. If you want to add contract contingencies, you’ll want to put those in the offer but still make it enticing. Let’s not forget that drafting your offer could be challenging and that you’ll want to follow a reputable draft if pulling from something online. Without knowing what you’re truly doing could hinder your offer or even cost you thousands more down the line.

Agents know how to write an offer with the best possible terms, so that you’re offer stands out amongst the others. The buyer’s agent will help ensure that your interests are first and will do what they can in their best power to guide you through the process of getting your offer accepted.

Here at the Jen Martinez Team, we have a plethora of connections in the real estate world to help guide to some of the best people in the business. Reach out to the Jen Martinez Team today to get started on your homebuying process!