5 Things You Can Declutter Before Christmas

Grab some boxes for garbage and donations, turn on a good CrossCountry Mortgage playlist on Spotify, and go to town on these 6 areas where you can declutter your home and life before Christmas!

Even if you are choosing to pursue a simple Christmas this year, there’s still a good chance the holiday will bring new items into your home. Taking some time to declutter before Christmas will reduce mess and stress during the season!

Pantry and Fridge

Use up the food you already have in your pantry and fridge to reduce waste. You can put the money you don’t spend at the market toward your Christmas budget instead. You’ll also free up space for extra holiday food!

Clothing and Accessories

If you didn’t wear something for a whole season, it’s time for it to go. If there’s an item you did wear but never felt confident in, get rid of that too!

Medicine Cabinet

Make room by getting rid of any medications that have expired. That way you can stock up on the necessities and avoid having to go out to the pharmacy when you don’t feel well.


Get rid of the pieces you don’t like or don’t use to free up space. You can also sell furniture for a good amount of money and put the proceeds toward Christmas gifts!

Christmas Items

If you aren’t excited when you pull out certain pieces of holiday d├ęcor, maybe it’s time to get rid of them. Now is the perfect time to either donate or sell them because someone else might love them!