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From humble beginnings to the established power team they are today, The Carbon Team is an influential force in the mortgage community. Made up of close-knit branches across the nation, The Carbon Team brings an irreplaceable mortgage lending experience to each of their clients. Anyone can say they want the best for their customers. The Carbon Team actually delivers on their word.

As a play on Cranford, NJ and Brooklyn, NY, the cities in which they first started out in, Carbon is also a reference to the chemical element. Carbon is an essential element in all living things, but what really resonates with the Carbon Team is carbon fiber. The way carbon fiber interweaves to become a strong but lightweight material is, in fact, not dissimilar to The Carbon Team. Every individual on the team works together to become an almost indestructible force, while keeping the mortgage process simple and “light” for each and every one of their clients.

In its early stages, The Carbon Team was only made up of 4 friends. After years of hard work and determination, they’ve grown to over 50 mortgage professionals. To get where they are now, The Carbon Team has built an environment in which they can learn and thrive off each other. They understand that to make their clients happy and satisfied with their service, they have to work together respectfully and humbly.

The team’s success is in their numbers and in 2019 alone, they have successfully closed $560M in loans and have guided countless families into homes they deserve. Their ultimate goal is to get to $1B in mortgage loans in the near future. Outside of mortgages, The Carbon Team hosts a fundraiser every year for different charities and have been successful at raising life-changing amounts for each local community.

Above all, The Carbon Team works with integrity, empathy, and insurmountable knowledge about the mortgage process, bringing the human element to the game, time and time again.


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Evan Tempelman

Branch Manager

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