Jeff Cota, CRMP

Loan Officer

CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
225 Broadway Suite 1600
San Diego, CA 92101


About Jeff

Born in NW Indiana, Jeff Cota moved to San Diego 16 years ago after attending school at Purdue University. Immediately Jeff fell in love with real estate and began immersing himself in the industry and working with home owners to achieve their goals.

After spending his first 4 years focusing on more traditional forward financing options, Jeff came across the HECM (reverse mortgage) program and immediately recognized its ability to improve the lives of home owners in retirement. Jeff's passion became working with senior home owners and helping them achieve their goals in retirement. This led to Jeff earning his Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation, making him a member of an exclusive group that consists of only approximately 155 loan officers nationwide

Jeff believes his experience in both forward lending and reverse mortgage world allows him to better understand all the options home owners have and an appreciation for their utilization with regards to the short and long terms goals of home ownership.

During his time originating home loans, managing and training loan officers in the revers mortgage space, Jeff found a perfect fit with CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.

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