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Daniel Steven Ortiz

Loan Officer

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[email protected]

CrossCountry Mortgage
8885 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 370
San Diego, CA 92108


About Daniel

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial transactions in someone's life. That is why Daniel believes that anyone who is deciding to purchase a home, should have the upmost confidence in every decision they make. He does this by educating his clients every step of the way by showing them how the mortgage process works. This results in not only his clients, but all parties enjoying a smooth and seamless transaction. Daniel understands the time and effort one takes to explain their financial situation to a lender with their personal information. That is why he views this as a privilege to be able to provide a valuable analysis of your tailored financial options and meet your financial dreams.


Resources & Tools

Learn more about our 21 day loan process and home loan options as well as utilize some helpful tools and resources.

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Renovation Loans

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