Chicago-based bemortgage and PERL Mortgage Officially Join Forces with CrossCountry Mortgage

July 10, 2019 Chicago, IL — CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., a nationwide mortgage lender based in Brecksville, Ohio, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Chicago-based bemortgage and PERL Mortgage, Inc. Together, the three lenders will form one all-encompassing trailblazer of a company under the CrossCountry Mortgage name.

“It’s no surprise that CrossCountry Mortgage was attracted to the two midwestern lenders, as they both not only harbor top producers in the industry, but also never forget what matters most: the customer,” said Beth Keckley, Chief Marketing Officer for CrossCountry Mortgage.
In October 2018, bemortgage became a division of CrossCountry Mortgage and began transitioning to the CrossCountry brand while retaining its commitment to creating a more efficient and personalized loan process for every borrower. PERL Mortgage is a more recent addition and officially joined CrossCountry Mortgage in March 2019. Since 1994, PERL has been a renowned lending company in Chicago that promotes a personal, individualized mortgage experience for all of their clients and partners.
The acquisition enhances CrossCountry Mortgage’s national reputation for being a powerhouse in the mortgage industry that is licensed to lend in all 50 states and can service a wide variety of clients with an extensive portfolio of home loan products.
“With the union under one brand, CrossCountry Mortgage is gaining new energy and more experienced individuals to our team,” Keckley said. “This will inevitably strengthen our position across the country.”