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About CrossCountry Mortgage

America's crazy good mortgage company.

For us, success starts with crushing it at the fundamentals.


CrossCountry Mortgage started in 2003 as a small mom-and-pop shop in a garage in Cleveland. We’ve kept that family culture intact as we’ve grown into a nationwide lender over the years.

Our CEO, Ron Leonhardt Jr., brings a humble yet competitive spirit to CCM that stems from the company’s early days as well as Ron’s time playing football at Baldwin Wallace University. “When you play football, it’s the ultimate team sport,” he says. “I like to think that’s the approach we take to things here.”

Our success — and the success of our originators, customers and partners — is rooted in our dedication to being the best at the fundamentals of mortgage lending: closing loans. We’re experts at the driving, chipping and putting that result in a fast, easy and stress-free home financing experience for everyone involved.

  • Homeownership Advantage 01

    You can (mostly) do what you want.


    When you don’t own your home, you need someone else’s permission to renovate, expand, put a putting green in the back yard, you name it. When you do own your home, you can live life on your terms and transform your living space into an extension of your style.

  • Homeownership Advantage 02

    You can stop throwing money away.


    Let’s face it, when you’re out on the course, you don’t place wagers to lose. You’re in it to win it, and usually those winnings are in the form of cash. When you own a home, part of every monthly payment goes toward your personal net worth, not someone else’s.

  • Homeownership Advantage 03

    You can have your own media room.


    Everyone knows you get the best views of any tournament at home. If you’re buying a new house, you can pick the perfect property that already has a great space to watch those exciting final rounds. If you currently own a home, you can renovate your place to create one.

  • Homeownership Advantage 04

    It’s simply cool to be a success.


    There’s nothing cooler than living the American Dream. Homeownership is a tried-and-true way to get there. The aspirational appeal is a big reason why people love golf, and nothing puts you on the path to achieving your aspirations quite like homeownership does.


Why Choose CrossCountry Mortgage?

Customer first,
nationwide coverage.

We listen to you, assess your needs and recommend the best loan option for you, not for us. Plus we’re licensed in all 50 states and offer a broad portfolio of traditional and niche loan products to serve virtually every mortgage scenario across the country.

“Grip it and rip it” sense of urgency.

When you’re buying a home or refinancing your current loan, you want everything to be completed quickly. From our experienced experts to our highly efficient process driven by advanced mortgage technology, we’ll get you to the 18th green in no time.

We understand your finances.

Homeownership offers many options for borrowing, investing and reallocating assets to receive the maximum return. Our proprietary loan programs range from jumbo financing to programs that allow you to qualify with your bank statements, liquid assets, and more.

Let’s get started and achieve the American Dream together!