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Introducing our Paint The District Artists Competition!


CrossCountry Mortgage HQ is officially on the move! 

With a quick, 20-minute drive from Brecksville straight to the lake, CCM employees will make a new home in Cleveland’s Superior Arts District. Our new HQ is relocating to the block between East 21st and East 22nd streets along Superior Avenue.

To honor the spirit of the Arts District, we want to add some creative flair to our new home! We are hosting a competition to select an artist who will paint us a new masterpiece - and we need your help!

Every three months, three local artists will submit a piece of art that represents who they are, with a winner chosen by a public vote. We’ll hold this contest four times throughout the year leading up to a vote for the final four artists who will each submit a proposal for a permanent installation. 

CCM HQ office spaceCCM HQ mark

Polls are open —
Which artist do you want to see in the finals?

Our round 1 submissions are live! Click each submission to read a little more about the artist and what their piece represents, then vote for your favorite artist below. The winner of round 1 will be entered into the finals where they will create a proposal for a permanent installation in our new HQ.

Limit one vote per person, per day. 
Round 1 voting ends September 30th, 2021.

If you are interested in participating, submit your proposal.