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Buying a home is a huge decision and can often be confusing. We live and work in your community, and understand your concerns. It’s important to find a mortgage company you trust, so choose us to be your local lender.

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CrossCountry Mortgage can provide the guidance and financing you need for your new home purchase

Buying a home is a big investment, and you may have a lot of questions about the financing process. We're eager to help. One simple call is all it takes to get started.

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Save valuable time. Pre-qualification will help set your budget — a big plus in the eyes of real estate agents and sellers, and a great advantage for you. Apply today to finalize your budget.

Flexible Down Payments

  • $0 down with VA, USDA loans
  • 3% Conventional and 3.5% FHA down payments
  • First-time homebuyer and down payment assistance programs
  • Flexible credit and income qualification

Dedicated Service and Answers to Your Questions

We understand there’s more to buying a home than simply financing it. Our licensed loan officers are available to answer all of your questions, from the time you start searching for your dream home to the day you close.

Our Streamlined Process

With our streamlined refinance and purchase process, customers can close in as few as 21 days.


step 1

Apply For The Loan

We make it easy and convenient. Apply for your CrossCountry Mortgage loan by phone or online.



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Gather Important Documents

Be sure your pay stubs, bank statements, and W-2s are all easily accessible. Some of the mortgage terminology and paperwork can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. That’s why CrossCountry Mortgage is just a phone call away, always ready and willing to answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need.



step 3

Determine the Best Mortgage for You

Adjustable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, down payment considerations, the list of loan options goes on and on – there are probably some you’ve never even heard of – so how do you choose the right one for you? With our help. It’s our job to understand all the financing options available and help you determine which solution is best suited for your long-term plans. That way you’ll know you’re getting top-notch service and the best rates, too. Remember, at CrossCountry Mortgage, we’ve already pre-qualified you for a competitive low rate.


step 4

Maintain Your Credit

Your credit, employment history, assets, property value and more will be verified. Don’t make any major purchases during this time – they will increase your debt as well as the risk for a lender. Respond to all questions and requests promptly. Complete your application thoroughly. Don’t move money around in your accounts. Disclose all other loans and credit, and be available as your closing date approaches. Any questions or concerns, just call us.


step 5

Close the Loan

Closing typically takes place in the presence of a public notary. You’ll review final documents, pay any out-of-pocket closing costs and down payment requirements, sign the loan and get your keys! And at CrossCountry Mortgage, we can close your loan in as few as 21 days!

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"Answered all my questions. Helped with everything. Updated me periodically. Loved it. Made first time easy, and I got to close early!"


Nataniel D.

"The crew worked hard and fast for me! Everything seemed to happen overnight! I was not even preapproved for a loan, and almost overnight I was securing a loan for a quick sale! "


Brian R.

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