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Mark's Mortgage University

  • Buying a Home with Significant Other or Friends

    What to consider before you decide to add a significant other or a friend to your home loan.


  • Should I get an Inspection?

    Why I believe you should get an inspection on the home you are looking to buy.


  • What Are Trigger Leads?

    The recent trend of "trigger leads" in the mortgage industry and how it affects you.


  • Buying a home for a parent or child with a disability

    I'll walk you through the options you have when helping a parent or child get the housing they need.


  • Certificate of Eligibility

    What's a Certificate of Eligibility? Why do mortgage lenders need it to qualify you for buying a home using VA benefits?


  • Why Do I Need a Letter of Explanation?

    Why is your loan officer asking you for a letter of explanation?


  • Should I Buy Points?

    What are mortgage interest rate points? Should you purchase them?


  • 3 Reasons Your Loan Could Be Denied

    I’m covering the top 3 reasons your mortgage could get denied.


  • Do I Need a 2-Year Work History?

    When will you need to show two years of employment? When is this a myth?


  • Rescission Period

    Are you refinancing your primary residence? If so, we will explain the rescission period and why you are not getting your money right after closing.


  • Dropping Mortgage Insurance

    Want to drop the mortgage insurance from your loan? Learn how in this video.


  • Check Your Annual Credit Report - For Free!

    Annual Credit Report is a great service that offers you a free credit report to see where you stand with your credit. Watch the this video to learn more.


  • Do I need 20% down?

    Looking to buy your first home? Mark has a tip to help you out!


  • Closing Disclosure Explained

    A breakdown of what each section of your closing disclosure means.


  • All About Credit Pulls - Soft vs Hard

    Mark explains how soft vs hard credit pulls affect your credit score.


  • Preventing Trigger Leads

    Are you receiving trigger leads and would like to prevent them?


  • Cost of Lower Score

    Come learn about the cost of a lower credit score.


  • Credit Score Tips

    Mark has a few credit tips he'd love to share with you!


  • Scanning Documents with iPhone or iPad

    Come learn how to scan documents on your Apple device.


  • Scanning with Android

    Come learn how to scan documents on your Android.


  • Navigating your CCM Account

    Find out the best way to navigate your CCM Account.


  • What to Expect on Closing Day

    Here's what you can expect on closing day!


  • Uploading Documents

    Find out the best way to upload documents.


  • E-Signing a Document

    E-Signing a document can be simple and easy!


  • Escrow Explained

    Come learn all about Escrow!