Mortgage Application Needs List

The following is a list of required documents we’ll need to be able to pre-qualify.

30 days most recent paystubs

2 most recent tax returns with W2 forms

2 months of complete bank statements for checking/savings/stock, etc.

2 forms of ID – Active Driver’s License and Social Security Card

If you are self-employed…

Last 2 years’ business tax returns and K-1 form(s)

Profit and Loss Statements YTD

For all property owned…

Mortgage Statement

Hazard/Homeowners Insurance Statement

Property Tax Statement

HOA Coupon

If applicable...

VA –DD214 Statement

Resident Alien Card if not US Citizen

Retirement/Social & Security Income – Copy of Award Letter(s)

Divorce Decree

Bankruptcy Filing and Discharge Statement

Some of these items are not applicable to you and some of these items you may not have– It’s OK! We will work with you to gather all the documentation needed to begin the loan process.

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