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Phil Cares!

This past Thankgivising, Phil showed his support to his clients when he stopped over one of his past clients house. See what they had to say about working with Phil and his commitment to his clients.


You are such a fantastic person!

I had just been talking to Tex, as he was getting back into bed, about how lucky and thankful we are to have you in our lives. We really feel we would have not been able to get the house in the first place and now refinance under our terms had it not been for you and your hard work. 

We were talking about, "It will be nice to see Phil again when this is all over with and do the cookout."  Then  I opened the door and you are standing there -- WOW,  I was in a slight shock and disbelieve.  Was it really you? WOW it was! And then you handed me the turkey besides. The BEST GIFT WAS SEEING YOU. The icing on the cake was the turkey. The weight is perfect. We are planning on splitting it half after its cooked and slicing  and freezing what we don't use in the soup. Excellent for my February Turkey Craving Day's or those long March below zero days for the turkey soup.

I am glad Tex felt good enough to get back up and say "Hi". He went back to bed after you left and is still sleeping.

Phil, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING! Especially for caring.

-Tex and Cheryl T.