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2020 – Welcome to the New Year!

Every time we begin a new year, we are reminded that the next twelve months, the next 365 days and even the next 535,600 minutes is for our taking. It is a clean canvas for us to paint the life we desire. Of course, we have that available to us everyday, but we seem to focus on it at the beginning of the year.

Father and son enjoying the new year

The beginning of this year, 2020, does bring some exciting changes to our podcast. My co-host Tameka Lewis Madkins of Real People Realty and I have decided to re-brand the podcast so that we can really focus on first-time buyers and what it takes to become a homeowner. The “new and improved” podcast will be coming out shortly so watch for details.

That means, Real Estate Professionals Smoking Cigars, will continue with a different format. The podcast will be designed with Realtors, Attorneys and other professionals in mind. Of course, homebuyers too can benefit from the content, but we will be focused on general content versus specific to a homebuyer.

This episode addresses the new lending limits for 2020 and some important changes to the VA program.

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