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Do’s and Don’ts of the Mortgage Process

There are other important things you should be thinking about when shopping for a home. If you want to avoid any roadblocks on your journey to homeownership, make sure you follow our Koutsos Ten Commandments.


Know Before You Buy: Your Document Checklist

You want to buy a home, but how do you get started? We’ve compiled a simple checklist of documents you’ll need to gather and submit to gain a pre-approval from us so you can start looking for your dream home


Loan Types and Terms

Mortgages have a language all their own, and it can be rather overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the home buying process. Let’s define some key terms and clear up misconceptions that many individuals have about purchasing a home!


Down Payment Saving Tips

To many people, the dream of becoming a homeowner seems like it will always be out of reach, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. I’m going to share some tips and tricks you can use to start your journey towards homeownership on the right foot.


How Credit Works – and How to Boost Your Score

Your credit score is more than just a number, so we are going to take a few minutes today to break down exactly how your score is calculated and steps you can take to build and repair your credit in preparation for purchasing a home.


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