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Only the best for your clients. They’ve chosen you as their real estate agent, so don’t they deserve a loan officer with financing options far beyond the ordinary? Let’s partner to create more business, deliver excellence, and exceed expectations.

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What sets Gavin apart?


We’re not looking for a one-time transaction. We’re in this for the long haul to create outstanding homebuying and financing experiences for our clients.

Gavin is:

  • A motivational expert with a track record for creating profitable partnerships
  • Focused on Realtor® and borrower satisfaction
  • Ready to leverage the value of CCM’s extensive suite of products. We have a financing solution for every situation.
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How Gavin creates results


Our formula for success focuses on education and information. This includes educational events for agents and clients, and easy access to co-branded marketing materials.

Gavin’s recent events and results include:

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Our extensive library of marketing materials offers personalized,
professional marketing resources. And they’re just a click away.

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How to refer Team Gavin

Two easy ways to connect your clients:

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Create a group text with clients and Team Gavin at 720.398.7435

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You or your clients can call us at 720.398.7435

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Gavin Ekstrom

Senior Vice President

NMLS #220170

4610 South Ulster Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80237
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[email protected]
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About Gavin


When you come to me for your mortgage, I begin by listening. I want to understand your goals and priorities so I can offer a home loan that’s right for you. You may be a first-time homebuyer or a long-time homeowner. You may be buying an investment property or looking for a renovation loan. I offer a wide range of loan programs, from FHA and VA to conventional and jumbo. You are an individual and my recommendations will respect your unique circumstances.

Communication is key, and sharing information is as important as listening. I will make sure you know what’s happening with your mortgage as it progresses through the process and will be available to answer your questions. I’ll be with you every step of the way, from application to closing and beyond.

Whether you are buying, refinancing, or renovating, I am ready to give you the outstanding home loan experience you deserve.

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