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  • Overcome interest rate objections
  • Solve homebuyer affordability challenges
  • Sell listings with little or no activity faster
  • Strengthen the buyer presentation
  • Simplify a buyer’s decision to use your services
  • Win more consistently in multiple offer scenarios

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#1 Top Originator Most Loans Closed in the Nation

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#1 Mortgage originator in State of Florida

Source: Scotsman Guide

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For over 25 years, Matt has dedicated his working life to serving the mortgage needs of the South Florida real estate agent community, specializing in the purchase market. Matt’s cutting-edge concepts and dedication to supporting REALTORS® have earned him the record for most contracts accepted in a multiple offer situation during this time.

The Matt Weaver Team’s 4 Pillars of Value, created in 2013, have been meticulously designed and proven to increase agents’ sales, productivity, and efficiency. As part of Pillar IV’s Growing Together campaign, we consistently host events for our REALTOR® partners and homebuyers, both in-person and virtual. From luncheons to workshops, webinars to seminars, each week is packed with opportunities for you to learn as an agent and/or share with your clients.

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  • “It was the best 2.5 hours I've spent with a MO. I kick myself for not knowing your products two years ago. I love the way you think outside the box and how much value you give to agents. I look forward to working with you on my next deal.”

    – Karen Spinks

  • "Great refresher on buy downs. Love educating realtors on the proper way to prep for a condo listing and being able to advertise financing options in advance. I hope every realtor picks up on this because the worst part about buying condos is an unprepared agent! Thank you!”

    – Fausto Carosella

  • “Matt explained everything with clear direction on how to use this strategy… I was already thinking of offering seller credits, but wasn’t sure how to position it, and he explained all of that very well with a clear roadmap on how to get there.”

    – Crystal Beatty

  • “Matt and his team were phenomenal per usual, keeping the agent community informed and providing value to each and every one of us. The room was electric! This is a perfect example of adding tools to our tool kit for our clients with all this valuable information he provides, in which we can actually utilize in today’s real estate market and WIN!”

    – Osman Arango

  • “The information was great! The resources you provide agents and our customers with are second to none. Thankfulness is an understatement having you in my corner. Today had great tools and tactics to continue to help sellers and buyers in this market. Thanks for your time!”


    – Lauren Pittington

  • “The first thing thank you for a great lunch. Thank you for valuable information for us to close our transaction !! We all chatted how we trust you to get our transactions closed. Positive conversation was how Matt is a great guy. Met new and past friends at your event. Positive vibes lasted all day.”


    – Judy Wyatt

  • “Thank you for showing us a new way to win in this business. This is the right way to disrupt the real estate market! Appreciated your time and sharing your talents.”

    – Kristie King

  • “It was amazing, I’m not exaggerating, within just a half hour he touched on a lot of great pointers and gave me a lot of clarity. It was very relevant for what we are dealing with currently in the market. Matt is my #1 choice.”

    – Oksana Beck

  • “I loved it and already reached out to 3 of my buyers and sellers to start having this conversation. Everything was very clear. Great content and presentation visuals.”

    – Ish Ahmed

  • “I always enjoy coming to these events and listen to Matt speaking because it helps me handle clients' objections and prepare my offers to WIN!”


    – Danielle Brittes

  • “I found today very interesting - and valuable! Your program is very aggressive - and it seems pretty failproof and I can't wait to partner with you!”


    – Maureen Tuncer.

  • “100 out of 10 on your presentation! Outstanding, engaging presentation that not only included so much value and knowledge but also positivity and a winner type mentality! Lunch was delicious. Thank you for being THE BEST!”

    – Reema Shah

  • “I've been loyal to my current lender for the last 7 years but I'm ready to build a relationship with you guys. That was an amazing presentation, and you're hired!!”

    – Erica Batista

  • “That $7,000 credit to first time home buyers was amazing to learn about, also the buy downs. I have a few buyers "waiting for rates to drop" so now I feel way more confident explaining this. I really don't know how you are so hands on with all of your agents, there must be 20 clones of you to do all that you do for us!!!”

    – Nieko Tischler

  • “Last year was my best year yet in the business, and I believe that this is partly because I stopped fooling around with other lenders who hit me up, and focused on funneling my clients exclusively to you. My clients are mainly buyers, and the value add of being able to confidently write very aggressive offers has been quite effective in my production, and in my ability to help my clients to win every time.”

    – Alishia Phillips

Matt has shared the stage with:

  • Headshot of Mike Ferry

    Mike Ferry

    Global Real Estate Coach 40+ Years

  • Headshot of Lisa Leslie

    Lisa Leslie

    4X Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA Champion

  • Headshot of Ryan Serhant

    Ryan Serhant

    Real Estate Broker and TV Star "Million Dollar Listing"

  • Headshot of Craig Shoemaker

    Craig Shoemaker

    2X Emmy Award Winning Comedian

  • Headshot of Jeff Franklin

    Jeff Franklin

    Creator & Executive Producer
"Full House" and "Fuller House"

  • Headshot of Tim Grover

    Tim Grover

    Performance Coach (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant) and Best-Selling Author

  • Headshot of Barry Habib

    Barry Habib

    CEO of MBS Highway, Best-Selling Author, Zillow Three-time Crystal Ball Award Winner

  • Headshot of Rick Ruby

    Rick Ruby

    Founder & Head Coach of The CORE Training for Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

  • Headshot of Jocko Willink

    Jocko Willink

    Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Officer, Co-Author of New York Times Best Seller, Host of Jocko Podcast

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About Matt Weaver


Matt Weaver is ranked as a top mortgage originator in the United States. He has been the #1 Originator in Florida since 2020. Matt has dedicated his life's work to serving the mortgage needs of the real estate community, specializing in the purchase market, its agents, and their clients for over two decades. Matt’s cutting-edge concepts and steadfast commitment to supporting agents have earned him the record for the number of contracts accepted in a multiple offer situation during the most competitive years our market has seen in modern history.

Matt and his team have helped over 25,000 families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Clients receive the most trusted, most simple, and most real estate agent-referred pre-approval processes in the industry, backed by a closing rate that is second to none – all while receiving live service 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Matt's experience and depth of knowledge on both the mortgage and real estate industries have made him a trusted source for commentary by CNBC, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! Finance.

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