10 Ways to Ring in the New Year

Enjoy some of our team’s favorite traditions and superstition.

2023 is almost here! From our family to yours, The Montani Team hopes the year ahead is full of love, laughter, and joy. To help celebrate the year behind us and bring good luck in the future, here’s a list of fun New Year’s traditions and superstitions.

  1. Kiss at midnight. When the clock strikes 12, find the love of your life – even if that love is a cat or dog.
  2. 12 grapes at midnight. Enjoy one grape for each month to bring good luck throughout the year. Not feeling like eating fruit? Choose a local wine for 12 ounces of good fortune instead.
  3. Fill up kitchen cabinets. To prevent bad luck, make sure your home is full of food, then donate to your local food bank.
  4. Don’t clean up on New Year’s Day. Instead of tidying up after the party, keep the good luck that’s entered your home and start the new year with relaxation.
  5. Open the doors and windows at midnight. To make sure that fortune comes inside, allow fresh air to flow and take 2022’s negativity out with it.
  6. Eat collard greens and black-eyed peas. The greens represent cash and peas represent coin, meaning this feast will bring you wealth in the year to come.
  7. Avoid lobster, crab, or chicken. The first animal walks backward, the second walks sideways, and the latter will fly away with your good luck.
  8. Carry an empty suitcase. Invite new adventures in the New Year by bringing your favorite luggage around the house on New Year’s Eve.
  9. Write down your hopes and dreams for 2023. Burn the paper to ensure they all come true.
  10. Start a new calendar. Throw out your 2022 calendar and mark important dates to come in the new year.