8 Fall Home Styling Trends for Your Home

Bring the colors and designs of autumn inside this September.

Many of us felt the shift on the first of the month: summer has reached its tail end and fall is here! While autumn won’t come officially until the 22nd, now’s the perfect time to bring the warmth of the new season into your home. From soft colors to inviting fabrics, here’s what’s trending for fall 2022.

  1. Earth tones 

Warm, neutral tones of the earth have been this year’s top trend. Colors like sand, cinnamon, and copper complement almost every other color palette – making earth tones the perfect addition to your home.

  1. Tonal color palettes 

Thinking of color palettes, tonal looks that use no more than three colors are a sleek way to tie a space together. Pick a primary color for your room’s statement piece, then use shades of warm neutrals throughout for a simple, modern style.

  1. Textured fabrics 

With your interior colored in invited neutrals, a cozy way to give a space pop is textiles. Use natural fabrics with weight and texture, like wool throws and velvet pillows, to make guests feel at home as the weather cools.

  1. Woven features 

Another way to add spice to your space is woven accessories. Baskets, natural fiber rugs, cane and rattan furniture, and even stools can feature woven elements that bring a softness to your home.

  1. Natural wood

Looking for a natural, grounding piece to round out your room? Wood pieces of all types are your answer. Light, warmer wood tables, picture frames, and chairs are popular trends for bringing the outdoors inside this autumn.

  1. Curves 

Home decor is more than colors and textures – shape places a big part, too! This fall, curved accent pieces and rounded edges are a great way to create a modern look.

  1. Mixing modern and vintage 

After adding a touch of modernity, compliment your room with vintage pieces to make the space feel unique and truly personal.

  1. Coastal grandmother style 

Finally, our journey through 2022’s fall home style trends wouldn’t be complete without the coastal grandmother aesthetic. This style is about a relaxed, elevated approach to your home, clothing, and living. By decorating with tones of the sand and sea, natural elements, and easy-care white slipcovered furniture, we can all live in a more thoughtful and calming space.