The Essential Supplies Teachers Need Going Back to School

This year, Team Montani donated to area school teachers. We’ve compiled a list of essential supplies for students to be successful.

Did you know that many school teachers must pay for classroom supplies out of pocket? This year, Team Montani donated supplies to area school teachers through the Back To School program from Lunch Break, a non-profit very dear to us.

Many different supplies are appreciated, but which ones do school teachers absolutely need? We’ve compiled a list that is essential for students to be successful in the classroom.

Pencils - Pencils are a necessity in every elementary classroom. They are used daily for all kinds of activities and can break and easily be lost. Having a regular supply of sharpened pencils limits disruptions and ensures kids can complete the day’s assignments.

Dry Erase Markers – The days of the chalkboard are mostly a thing of the past. Now, teachers use whiteboards to show their class how to do long division. Most teachers think the Expo Dry Erase Markers are worth the extra cost since they write and erase better than the other brands.

Hand Sanitizer/Lysol Wipes – If they weren’t before, teachers are now extra diligent with keeping their classrooms clean. A supply of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes are great for keeping the spread of germs to a minimum.

Paper – If pencils are #1 on the list, it only makes sense that the pencils have something to write on! Paper is a catch-all for a range of supplies. Teachers are in constant need of copy paper, notebooks, construction paper, and cardstock.

Organizational Supplies – With 20-30 kids to teach, teachers must stay organized. Teachers need supplies like file folders, containers, binder clips, Ziplock bags, Velcro, and clear plastic envelopes to keep organized.

Individual Whiteboards for Students – Each student having a whiteboard is a great way to work out problems without wasting paper. They are perfect for quick checks for understanding and can be used for quiz games in small groups. They can be used for spelling practice or even to cover up answers.

You can donate much-needed school supplies to your local school, or through an organization such as Lunch Break to help teachers help their students be successful in the classroom.