Book of the Month: The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

This month we've been enjoying Jon Gordon's The No Complaining Rule book and wanted to share with you a few of our favorite ways to remain positive when faced with negativity.

Focus on “Get To” instead of “Have To”

Too often we complain and focus on what we have to do. We say things like “I have to go to work.” “I have to drive here.” “I have to do this or that.” Instead, shift your perspective and realize it’s not about having to do anything. You get to do things. You get to live this life. Focus on what you get to do.

Turn Complaints Into Solutions

The goal is not to eliminate all complaining. The intent is to eliminate the kind of mindless complaining that doesn’t serve a greater purpose and allow complaining that is justified and worthwhile. The opposite of mindless complaining is justified complaining. The former is negative and the latter is positive. The difference is intent.

The But – Positive Technique

This simple strategy helps you turn complaints into positive thoughts, solutions, and actions. It works like this: When you realize you are complaining, you simply add the word BUT and then add a positive thought or positive action. Example: “I don’t like that I’m out of shape but I love feeling great so I’m going to focus on exercising and eating right.