Build Your Own Fabric Snowman

Bring winter feels inside with this fun craft!

One of this season’s most fun activities is building a snowman. But what if you could do it in the warmth of your home? With this simple DIY, your family can welcome a new friend in for the holidays!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. White fabric
  2. Fish tank gravel
  3. Dowel
  4. Cardboard
  5. Coffee can
  6. Felt
  7. Sticks
  8. Polyester fiberfill
  9. Burlap ribbon
  10. Orange and black Sculpey®
  11. Twine
  12. Yarn needle
  13. Tape measure
  14. Scissors
  15. Hot glue
  16. Pen or marker

To create your frosty friend, follow these instructions:

  1. Form the nose, eyes, and mouth out of Sculpey®. Follow the directions on the packaging to make sure these will last.
  2. Cut three pieces of twine. This step will determine the size of your snowman. For ours, we created one 21 inches high – not including its hat – using 11-inch, 14-inch, and 17-inch pieces.
  3. Fold your fabric in half. Draw a circle by holding one of the lengths of twine on the fold and moving the other end around the material with a pen or marker.
  4. Follow the line to cut a complete circle out of your fabric. Repeat this step with your other pieces of twine to create three circles.
  5. Use a yarn needle and twine to make a basting stitch around each circle. Fill your pieces with fiberfill, then make sure the stitch is tight before tying a knot.
  6. Fill a reusable bag with fish tank gravel, then place it on the bottom of your largest circle. This weight will help it stand straight.
  7. Poke a hole in the center of the middle piece. Push the dowel through the center piece down into the bottom piece, adding hot glue as needed to hold everything together. Secure the top piece to the dowel to complete your snowman’s head and body.
  8. Take a dinner plate and trace it onto cardboard for guidance when cutting the bottom of the hat out of the felt. Use a coffee can to guide cutting the top of the hat. 
  9. Use glue to cover both sides of the cardboard and coffee can with felt. Then use the glue to attach each piece of the hat together. Finally, glue a strip of burlap ribbon around the hat.

To finish, place the hat on its head, tie burlap ribbon around the neck, use glue to secure pieces to its face, and poke two holes in the side to insert its stick arms. Add hot glue as needed to keep your snowman holly and jolly all season long!