12 To-Dos for the First Month of Spring

From quick jobs to professional maintenance, get ready for warmer weather with this checklist.

Spring is officially here! Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, your home has new needs. This 12-item checklist will help you breeze through to-dos and leave you more time to enjoy flowers in bloom.


Quick tasks

Conduct mosquito prevention. Warmer weather and more sun mean mosquito season is upon us. Check your property for standing water to get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. Empty any potential water sources and put them away to keep mosquitos at bay this season. 

Inspect your driveway and sidewalks. Winter can wear down asphalt and concrete quickly! Make sure to check your property for cracks in your driveway and paths. Scheduling repairs for these seemingly minor problems can save you from big problems down the road. 

Clean out trash and recycling bins. Want to reduce bugs and foul smells before you open your patio? Take your empty trash and recycling cans outside for a hose down. Use cleaning spray and a brush for a thorough clean that keeps flies and other pests away. 

Check safety devices. The start of new seasons is a good reminder to test our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries as needed and check if your devices have been recalled at recalls.gov. 

Weekend jobs

Clear clutter. Indoors and out, spring is the perfect time to simplify your space. From the basement to your garage, take time to determine what’s used and what can go – then contact local charities to donate goods someone else can use. 

Spruce up your outdoor space. Looking to up your curb appeal or ready for hosting patio parties? Now’s the time! Clean your porch, window exteriors, siding, and more to make your old abode look like a new home. Details like a fresh doormat and new flowers create a personal touch that you’ll enjoy for the months to come. 

Test sprinklers and irrigation systems. Before you garden, make sure your watering systems are ready for their job. Take time to adjust or repair your sprinklers and irrigation system as needed, then enjoy the fruits of your labor all season long.

Wash windows and screen doors. After cleaning the outdoors, make sure your windows and screen doors are good on the inside, too. You’ll get rid of pollen and built-up grime while readying your home to welcome the sunshine and soon-to-come summer breezes. 

Seasonal maintenance 

Schedule cooling system maintenance. If you have central air conditioning, make sure it’s ready for the coming heat. A professional will help you keep cool air flowing while using less energy. 

Clean gutters and downspouts. Our rainiest season brings blooming flowers – and property damage if we’re not careful! Clearing and repairing your gutters and downspouts is key to keeping water flowing away from your home. 

Terminate termites. From April through June, keep an eye out for termites. If you notice insects flying around a hole in your woodwork, it's time to call a professional pest control company. 

Maintain wood decks and fences. A quick wash and staining or resealing will keep your woodwork going for the life of your home. Check gates, fencing, decks, railings, and other outdoor structures for repairs to make sure every aspect of your abode remains in top shape!