Get Spooky with DIY Spider Wreaths

Make fun and frights with this easy Halloween craft

Nothing scares people like creepy, crawly spiders. When our team started thinking about the perfect family project for the spooky season, we knew it’d need to include those pests! That’s why this simple spider wreath is such a great Halloween activity for you and your home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White spiderweb
  • Small black plastic spiders
  • One large black plastic spider
  • A white berry wreath from your local craft store

Start by spreading the spiderweb over the wreath. Pull and tuck the web into the wreath’s sticks and berries to help it stick. Then add the little plastic spiders throughout by catching them on the web or using some thread or adhesive to make these creepy-crawlies stay. Finally, attach your big spider for a craft that’s sure to haunt your home!