January Book of the Month

This month, we’ve been enjoying Jon Gordon’s One Word book and wanted to share with you a few of our favorite ways to help you pick your one word for 2021.

Be patient.

You may not have any idea what your word is going to be for the new year. That’s okay. Give it some time. Instead of randomly picking a word, allow the word to choose you. Your word will come!

Ask yourself a few questions.

What do you want to focus on this year? What’s in the way? What do you need more or less of? What needs to change?

Once you have your word, put it everywhere!

Feel free to write it on one of the one-word posters we created for you. Or write it on a rock and put it on your desk. Or make it your screensaver or your phone’s wallpaper. Some have even made one-word jewelry to wear during the year. The ideas are endless. The key is to keep your word front and center so you can see it and live it.

Join us at this month’s Lattes With Larry on Tuesday, January 26, as we discuss Jon Gordon’s One Word and the words we have chosen to steer our year in the right direction! Register here.