Prepare for Fall with These 7 Suggestions

The autumn months are quickly approaching. What better time to get ready for them than now?

There are a few things you can do to get your home comfortable and snuggly before temperatures start to drop. Start the fall season off right with these tips!

Place a Cozy Throw on Your Couch

Those of us who live in areas where it gets colder during autumn can simply toss a blanket on a couch or in a lounging area. This can serve as both fashion and function, making your living space look cozier while also being useful for the times your home gets a little too cold. Even during spring and summer months, you can have a throw handy when your air conditioning gets too chilly.

Replace Your Welcome Mat

One of the first things your guests see when they walk up to your home is your welcome mat. It has inevitably seen the trials and tribulations of summer fun in the form of mud, dirt, sand and more, so it’s probably time to clean it or replace it! Find a fall-themed mat that encompasses the spirit of cooler weather and changing colors.

Decorate with a Wreath

Whether you buy your decorations or make them yourself, consider putting up a wreath on your front door or around the house. The right wreath will make your home look even more welcoming and natural and will add a little piece of autumn flair.

Plant Chrysanthemums or Pumpkins

Growing some fall flowers and plants can make the exterior of your home look warm and inviting while giving a natural cottage-like look. Consider cleaning up the summer weeds and plants and replacing them with warmer colors that exhibit a sense of fall.

Organize Your Shed or Garage

During summer, you may have been out gardening, mowing the lawn, and just generally grabbing things and putting them away as you spent more time outside. It’s inevitable that your shed or garage may have gotten a bit messy over the warmer months. Now is the time to address this space and clean and organize your chaos.

Unpack Winter Clothes and Store Summer Clothes

As the average temperature decreases, you’ll want to be prepared for it. Store away your summer clothes, including your shorts and short sleeves, and take out your long sleeves and fleece. Cozy up with your fall wardrobe and put those scarves and boots to good use!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

The best thing to do to prepare for fall is to decorate. This is all up to your personal taste, but sticking to a cozy theme with warmer colors, natural accents (like foliage and plants) and earthy textures guarantees a beautiful autumn feel.

No matter how you get your home ready for the chillier months, just make sure you satisfy your own tastes. Add in touches of your own personality – after all, it’s your home! Most of all, have fun and get excited for the new season!