10 Ways to Keep Cool and Save Cucumbers

Help your family beat the summer heat without hurting the environment.

When we think of summer, our mind goes to days at the beach, BBQs, and blazing heat. If you’re like us, you’ve probably asked the question: how can I turn down the temperature without contributing to climate change? Lucky for you, we’ve come up with 10 ideas to help.

  1. Find ways to chill out. Drinks with ice, damp cloths for your neck, and cold showers are just three ways to keep cool without upping the AC.
  2. Hang out in the evening. While summer days fry our brains, cooler evenings are the perfect time to bring family and friends together for August fun.
  3. Hack your fan. Need to lower a room’s temp without the AC? Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan for a quick blast of cold.
  4. Close your blinds. Shutting out the sun is an easy way to protect your home from its harsh heat.
  5. Add some shade. Blocking heat from the outside is just as important as indoors. External coverings, awnings, and foliage are great ways of keeping the sun out.
  6. Upgrade your thermostat. Modern thermostats offer a multitude of benefits, including lower energy bills and automatic temperature changes.
  7. Adjust ceiling fans. Ceiling fans need to be set to counterclockwise to cool things down. Make this quick change and crank up the fan speed for an artificial breeze.
  8. Close doors and seal gaps. Sealing gaps around windows and doors and closing doors to unused rooms will help keep cool air where you need it.
  9. Choose cotton. More than stylish, cotton fabrics are breathable and will help you stay cool.

Change your lightbulbs. Switching from incandescent to energy-saving bulbs will reduce heat and help you save on energy costs.