Spring Home Décor Trends

7 ways to breathe new life into your home.

Every season comes with a new opportunity to refresh our spaces and bring style, beauty, and functionality into our homes. While we always say the best house is the one you make your own, we want to share a few of our team’s favorite interior design trends for 2023.

Restorative spaces. Create a calming retreat using soft and cozy textures, light color palettes, and ambient lighting.

Luxurious bedrooms. Does anything restore us like our bedroom? Turn your sleeping space into a luxurious getaway with high-quality fabrics, an upgraded mattress, an area to sit and unwind or meditate, and storage that keeps the slate clean.

Bring nature indoors. From materials like rattan and wicker to miniature greenhouses, search for inspiration outside and invite those good vibes into your home.

Coastal grandmother aesthetic. One of our favorite trends from last year returns! Incorporate fresh modern coastal and Hamptons-style interiors with hues of the sand and sea, easy-care white furniture, and organic elements.

Minimalism. Few things create calm like a minimal aesthetic. Reduce visual clutter by improving storage, emphasizing functionality, and donating items you no longer need in your home.

Creative solutions for working from home. Whether you’re home full-time or only a few days a week, open up your mental space with a dedicated workspace that invites you to explore new ideas, focus, and get the job done.

Outdoor living. When the work is done, is anything more fun than the outdoors? Live in nature with an outdoor fireplace, beautiful garden, and comfortable seating that fits friends and family or just you and a favorite book.