4 Quick Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

Make yours stronger and keep it that way!

Your credit score is important, and it’s never too early – or too late – to review your creditworthiness and understand what’s on your credit report! If a mortgage is in your future, here are four pieces of useful advice to keep in mind:

  • Pay all bills on time. Even if you’re just 30 days behind, a late payment can negatively impact your score.
  • Think twice before closing accounts. Lenders want consumers with credit histories that have been managed well. Leave revolving accounts open and keep them active. 
  • Minimize credit applications. Each time you apply for credit, a lender requests to view your report. This can reduce your score, so don't apply for credit you don't need. 
  • Keep balances low. Your credit score evaluates your total balances in relation to your available credit. Try to keep this ratio at or below 30%. 

Remember, CrossCountry Mortgage does not provide credit counseling or repair services. But whether you’re just starting out or need to do some credit fixing, I want you to know there are options. Contact me today, and we’ll discuss the next best step forward!

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