10 Ways to Create the Ultimate Backyard Space

June is here, bringing the warm weather and watermelon needed for backyard parties! But before you send out invites, ask yourself: can I spruce up my space?

Fun Projects

Make a beautiful path. First impressions are everything – even outdoors. That’s why an entrance that incorporates natural elements, lighting, and decorations can be so important to your abode’s atmosphere.

Construct a fire pit. Perfect for cooler evenings or parties, a fire pit can be a separate space or the centerpiece of your backyard. Building your own allows for greater customization and a personal touch. 

Create colorful yard games. From cornhole to lawn dominoes, yard games are an activity everyone loves. Add to the fun by using bright colors or unique designs to create games everyone will want to own. 

Set up a backyard swing. Everyone loves the relaxing feeling of sitting on a hanging swing. While a seemingly difficult project, doing it yourself may be cheaper and easier than you imagine.

Build birdhouses. The songs of birds are an underappreciated aspect of outdoor spaces. Building houses for local songbirds will make sure these sounds of summer remain close to home.

Inexpensive Improvements

Hang string lights. The right lighting can make your backyard the perfect evening getaway. String lights are a fun yet inexpensive way to illuminate your space.

Get creative with plants. Want to have fun with your flowers? Elevate them with a hanging basket or make out-of-the-ordinary planters.

Bring wood back to life. We all have items weathered by the elements. From furniture to siding, a simple coat of paint or stain can invigorate wood features.

Add audio elements. Few things are more fun than music. Whether you’d like to get people dancing or play your favorite tunes, weatherproof speakers are a must for the outdoors.

Keep your space clean. You can have a wonderful design, but it’ll never shine without some care. Weed and water your flowers, make repairs as needed, and think of the final touches as you create your ultimate backyard space.