10 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Spring

From gutters to your garden, feel fresh on March 19.

Spring is almost here! Is your home ready? With warmer weather right around the corner (or already in the 7-day forecast), we want to share some simple tips to prep your home for springtime.

  1. Clean out your gutters

While it’s not the most fun job, it’s an important one. So, grab your work gloves, climb your ladder, and get to business – or hire a professional, if you prefer.

  1. Replace old filters

Filters may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “spring,” they need to be replaced twice a year, and what time is better than now? Check your refrigerator water filter, range hood filter, and furnace filter to keep your environment clean.

  1. Clean out the dryer vent

Few things are more dangerous to your home than a clogged dryer vent. Cleaning it is a simple process, but don’t forget to check the flapper at the roof vent if you can for extra lint build-up!

  1. Declutter your garage, attic, or basement

There’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning. Take time to clean out the random junk that accumulated over the last few seasons, so your home feels better for this one.

  1. Prepare your garden

Now’s the time to buy all the supplies you need for flowers, produce, or any other plans you prefer. Make sure your soil is ready for an outdoor garden or set aside space for house plants or an indoor garden if that’s your desire.

  1. Check the smoke alarms

Another important seasonal safety check, make sure your smoke alarms are ready for the worst – and don’t forget to check your carbon monoxide alarms, too.

  1. Wash off outdoor furniture

Make sure your outdoor furniture is ready for warmer weather by giving it a quick wash and organizing your space as needed so you can fully enjoy the post-winter sun.

  1. Change up your d├ęcor

A new season can call for a new look. That might mean changing up your curtains, buying new throw pillows or blankets, or even painting some new color into your home to make the inside feel as fresh as the outdoors.

  1. Purge the fridge

We’ve all had that one leftover or condiment get lost long past its expiration date. So take some time to review your refrigerator for anything that has expired or simply isn’t part of your springtime cuisine.

  1. Wash and install your window screens

If you took the window screens down for the fall and winter, now’s the time to clean them off with a rag or sponge and soapy water to make sure they’re ready for spring.