11 Fun Things To Do Outside This Summer

Let’s play

Long warm days and cool nights mean it’s time for summer fun outside. Here are some ideas for all ages that won’t break the bank.

  1. Rock art

Collect smooth rocks and paint them with non-toxic paint. Keep them or place them around your neighborhood. As a sweet surprise, add kind messages.

  1. Nature scrapbook

Collect leaves and flowers and press them in a scrapbook as a summer keepsake. Add an excursion to the project by collecting them on a local trail, but make sure it’s OK to pick flowers.

  1. Picnic

Eating outside is a summer staple. It can be as simple as sandwiches and cool drinks on a blanket. Ants optional, we hope!

  1. Read outside

Find a shady spot and read a book. Or take story time outside by reading out loud to kids – or even adults. Make a new family tradition of summer reading.

  1. Movie night

Show a family-friendly movie. Share the cost of renting a projector with friends and neighbors, and save on a screen with budget ideas you can find on the internet.

  1. Plastic disc golf

Use laundry baskets and storage bins and set up a course in your backyard or local park.

  1. Run through a sprinkler

Nothing says summer like running through a cool spray of water on a hot sunny day.

  1. Water fight

Another hot summer day favorite. Grab your soakers and prepare to get wet.

  1. Hopscotch

Use bright sidewalk chalk to draw the court. Choose a stone, twig, or beanbag to toss into the squares (or triangles). Need to know more? You’ll find articles and videos on the internet.

  1. Play catch

You need a ball and two people. That’s it. Depending on age and skill, you can roll or toss a soft playground ball, or get out your gloves and practice fielding line drives.

  1. Sponge tag

Get a wet sponge and play tag. The person who’s “it” throws the wet sponge at other players, and the person who’s hit is the next “it.” There’s no question if someone’s tagged, although sooner or later everyone may be wet – and laughing.