11 Ways to Add Color to Your Porch or Patio

Brighten up your outdoor space for the summer.

Every spring, we walk out into our backyard and say: This could be a little more fun. With furniture, accessories, paint, and landscaping, it’s easier than you may think to add bold color to your patio, deck, or garden! Here are some ways we’ve refreshed our outdoor spaces with happy hues.  

  1. Outdoor fabrics  

Start with neutral furniture and layer bright colors using throw pillows, seat cushions, upholstered poufs, and other vibrant accessories.  

  1. Greenery  

Color is in the name, isn’t it? From hanging baskets to planters, lush green leaves can help set off white furniture and your brand-new colorful fabrics.  

  1. Retro metal chairs  

Affordable and nostalgic, you can find these at many flea markets and vintage sales in a variety of colors. Our favorite is yellow – a classic color for sunny days.  

  1. Outdoor rugs  

If you want another soft touch, upgrading a plain outdoor rug to one with color (and pattern) can bring even concrete to life.   

  1. Paint your own pillows 

Have fun with the family by buying spray-painting stencils, picking colors that go with your furniture, and turning neutral pillows into personal upholstery.  

  1. Patio umbrellas 

Need to add a little sun protection to your setup? Make sure it matches your other colorful accents and consider a pattern that will be highlighted by golden light.  

  1. Container garden accents  

Pots come in every shape, color, size, and texture you can imagine, making them perfect for highlighting gorgeous greenery.  

  1. Patterned privacy screens 

Define different spaces while adding another layer of pattern and color – sure to make a nosy neighbor jealous!  

  1. Wall art 

From local works preserved in weatherproof framing to suspended flowerpots that hold bright annuals or delicious herbs, don’t forget to give the sides of your space a little love. 

  1. Garden fences 

Give your plants a dedicated space with a colorful fence. Personally, we’re fond of bright green and blue hues against our juicy tomatoes.  

  1. The backyard door  

Last but certainly not least, your door is the beginning and end to any outdoor activity. Make sure it’s just as vibrant as the rest of the space with a quick coat of paint.