5 Interior Design Trends That Will Take Over 2024

Bring new aesthetics into your home in the new year.

When we put “Interior Design Trends 2024” into Google’s crystal ball, what do we find? Well, a lot. So much stuff that we decided to pick a few things we found that we’re sure will define the rest of the year and help you refresh your home.

Soft, sweet, and tart: peach and apricot

Radiating warmth and modern elegance, peach and apricot will likely become dominant hues this year. They can easily be paired with neutrals and naturals, used as primary tones or in supporting pieces, and bring good feelings to any room in your home.

Hot metals: chrome, steel, and aluminum

Want something a little sharper? Metallic finishes using chrome, steel, and aluminum can be used to create an industrial feel or amplify the existing vibe you already had in mind. To stay on trend, stay away from pieces that are too shiny but instead use accessories with a more polished, sophisticated look.

Shining dark or bright: jewel tones

If you want to shine, consider the hues of precious gems. More saturated tones can be used to shift from all-neutral palettes that have remained popular for years, or help spaces pop without a full redesign.

Fresh takes from the past: romanticism

Speaking of the past, romantic design is coming back in a big way. Pinks, reds, florals, lace, ribbons, and candles can be used for a more provocative – dare we say maximalist – design.

Then becomes now: mixing historical eras

Our final trend says you can look to more than one historical trend for inspiration. American design has been defined by people of all types of specialties and cultures who have offered ideas that, instead of being categorized separately, should be celebrated together.