7 Ways to Decorate with an Autumn Palette

Start a new season with the colors of fall.

When you think about fall, what images pop into your head? We see leaves changing color, corn mazes to explore, pumpkins ready for carving, and so much more! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year that we want to show you some ways to bring the colors indoors.

  1. Pumpkin orange

Does any color represent fall as much as orange? Make your space feel vibrant with a brighter shade against white, or invite a cozier feeling using burnt orange and earth tones. From accent walls to chairs, pillows, and throw blankets, there are endless ways to make use of your preferred shade.

  1. Jewel tones

Amethyst, turquoise, emerald, and citrine all offer their own notes for your color palette. Use their rich representations of these jewels for accent pieces or layer saturated shades of each for a colorful, standout look.

  1. Fall neutrals

Prefer something simpler? There’s never a bad season for neutrals! Gunmetal grey, cream, taupe, and wood tones can be easily blended together for a warm and inviting palette.

  1. Earth tones

Speaking of woods, who can forget about earth tones? Explore a range of wood pieces – from handmade furniture to paneled walls – made from your local trees. Use greens, oranges, yellows, or blues to make your home feel like your favorite elements of autumn.

  1. Leaf hues  

We’re devoting a special section to our favorite part of fall: the changing leaves. From vibrant greens to yellow-green shades and orange and red, just look outside as the trees evolve around you for indoor inspiration.

  1. Bricks and burgundy

These warm shades of red are one of our favorite ways to make a space feel cozy. Accent pillows, blankets, mantel pieces, artwork, chairs: if you can see it in your room, a palette that gives your decor a touch of dark red is sure to look good.

  1. Stones

Want your home to feel soothing? A soft monochrome grey look may be just what you need – and stone tones are the way to go in fall. From wall colors to ornate lamps and coffee tables, this palette leaves plenty of room for your personality.