If You Could Fly, Would You?

Consider your untapped talents.

Before you answer the question, realize most of us don’t utilize the talents, gifts, and abilities we’ve been given.

We go through life with untapped potential and power, unwrapped gifts, unused talent, and unfulfilled desires and dreams.

So, while you might say, “Of course I would fly if I could,” then ask yourself why you aren’t maximizing your gifts, abilities, talent, and power right now.

If you aren’t utilizing and maximizing the current power you possess, what makes you think you would use and maximize a newly acquired power?

I want to encourage you to use the gifts you have, maximize your talent, and recognize the power you have to do amazing things.

I’ve found the more we maximize our abilities, the more ability, opportunity, and gifts we receive.

Ask yourself: how much better would life be if you developed your talents?

What would developing your mindset do for your career and happiness?

How high could you rise in your company or organization if you read more, learned more, and invested more time and energy into growing yourself and your leadership capability?

What could you accomplish if you tapped into your power and potential?

While you may not be able to fly, if you decide to develop yourself, you can definitely soar!

  • Jon Gordon

(P.S. A great first step to maximizing you would be to join Jon for his Virtual Day of Development on February 12!)