Our 7 Favorite Personal Interior Design Trends

Make your home your own in 2024.

You know what’s in this year and every year? Letting your style shine. While we love to share interior design trends we see in media, a theme, color, or fabric isn’t cool if it isn’t you. That’s why we want to share why we love these 7 trends for our own homes – and hear what ideas define you and your home.

Green living

Less of a trend and more of a lifestyle, bringing greenery and sustainable materials indoors is about more than beauty. These elements can improve well-being, help us stay connected with nature, and inspire us to do good for our planet every day.

Smart homes

On the opposite end of the spectrum, how about some technological innovation? The house of tomorrow can be your home today with additions like voice-activate lighting, smart glass, and AI-driven home management that make daily life a little easier.

Perma-home office

Many of us thought the importance of home offices would wain after 2020. But that’s not the case. So, invest in your favorite designs, ergonomic furniture, and anything else you need to make your at-home workspace more functional and inspiring.

Natural lighting

Sunshine encourages vitamin D production, helps us save on lighting bills, and simply makes us happier. Help the sun shine brighter by amplifying your windows, using light color schemes, and placing mirrors wherever you want to catch some rays.

Warm minimalism

Let’s consider this popular style in a more intentionally. Why minimalism? It promotes mindfulness and slowing down through simple, functional, and comfortable pieces. From the use of color to the usefulness of the items in our home, we see this trend as a means to make life feel easy.

Dopamine décor

But sometimes easy isn’t enough. That’s where bold, vibrant colors and whimsical patterns come in! Take inspiration from the art and characters that bring you joy to make every day a celebration through a more playful home design.

Chunky accents

Playful is the perfect word for this trend. Just as chunky is in for fashion, oversize vases, sculptural furniture, and quirky décor promotes positive emotions that minimalism can’t: whimsy, personality, and fun.