Headshot of Coley  Rau

Coley Rau

Branch Manager

CrossCountry Mortgage
1607 W. High Street
Bryan, OH 43506


About Coley

Confident, committed, and compassionate really hit the nail on the head when describing Coley Rau.

After landing in the lending and real estate industry almost by chance over thirteen years ago, Coley Rau found his niche and isn't looking back. Today, Coley owns his own branch of CrossCountry Mortgage and is one of the companies most successful loan officers. Through his extreme determination to get the job done and to get it done right, every time, Coley is a force to be reckoned with in the lending industry.

Coley is the type of man that always finds a way to get things done. His tenacity to fight for his clients and to prove himself as the best loan officer out there, is what should make Coley one's first choice. It should not be taken lightly when Coley says he will do something, as it always gets done. Coley is the consummate professional and has set the bar high, for himself, his clients and his industry.

Not only does Coley work hard for his clients because he is a man of his word, but his love for helping others has always been the driving force behind his efforts. Helping families dreams come true by owning their own home is what moves Coley day-in and day-out. Ensuring that these same families have the best financing for their personal situation is a requirement in his mind.

Hailing from Bryan, Ohio, Coley studied at Ohio University in Athens and has now returned to his hometown where his branch of CrossCountry Mortgage resides.

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