Rates Are Still Near Historic Lows

Why Should I Borrow Now?

Generally speaking, interest rates are still near historic lows. In the 1980s, homebuyers were oftentimes working with interest rates over 10%. Locking in an interest rate now before rates climb will secure your future and enable you to pay down high interest rate debt, put more away for your children’s education and your own retirement, and start building equity in your home.

Get Your Mortgage Rate Quote

CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., will work with you to secure the best interest rate possible given your unique circumstances. We offer competitive mortgage rates and the assistance of knowledgeable and licensed loan officers who can help make the process as easy as possible. We also offer a full line of mortgage programs to help you achieve your goals.


Securing a low interest rate can help you save money on your monthly mortgage payments. It may also reduce the time it takes you to pay back the loan. Other advantages include:

  • Multiple mortgages can be consolidated into a single fixed rate loan
  • You can obtain access to extra cash to help pay bills or make a special large purchase (depending on the equity available in your home)
  • You may have the ability to change from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage

There are many factors to consider when buying a home, refinancing, or securing an home equity line of credit (HELOC), but we can pre-qualify you today in just a few short steps. Our licensed loan officer will support you so that you can evaluate all your options to reach your goals and save you money. Contact us today to get started.