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Does Your House Spark Joy for You Anymore?

We’ve been cooped up in the house for so long and adapting to the working from home that certain rooms, items, or entire spaces don’t spark anymore joy – you’re feeling uninspired by your surroundings. It’s okay! There are easy (and inexpensive!) ways to feel stimulated and elated in your home.

Compartmentalize your spaces.

If you have a room to make into an office, do it. If you have a formal dining room that only gets used on Thanksgiving and Christmas, turn it into your office. If you need a quiet area to unwind and touch base with yourself, think about all your favorite places to be in the house before the pandemic and make sure to not bring in your work to those areas, whether that be your bedroom, living room, or even back porch. Now, if you have a smaller area to work with, consider putting up curtains or furniture to divide your spaces for work, exercise, and leisure. One of my personal favorites, add greenery to your spaces to help with the division of spaces!

Add some color.

A gallon of paint where the Jen Martinez Team is, costs approximately $35. Depending on the color of your current situation and the new color you choose, that gallon may be the only gallon you need and can immediately invigorate any home! The feng shui colors for 2021 have been greens and blues to symbolize health, calm, and well-being. Even adding pops of color that spark joy can make you feel at home again in that room if you’re not prepared to commit to a new color on the wall. Additionally, natural light is incredibly helpful. Position your desk near the windows if you have any in the room doubling as your office – or is your office.

Clear out the clutter.

It’s spring! Officially the time to do some spring cleaning. Streamlining and decluttering your home can create spatial harmony and clearing clutter can be beneficial for your well-being. Pick items up that you haven’t used in years and create piles in bins of items you want to keep, donate, and throw away. Do this for clothes too. It’ll help the room feel lighter and you can visibly see the progress you have made within the room that will encourage you to keep up the great work throughout the rest of the house.

A homeowner decluttering her current move before moving into a new home

At the Jen Martinez Team, we hope you have a happy spring! And remember, if you have any questions regarding your home's mortgage needs or looking to sell after making these changes because the house still doesn’t spark joy, reach out to my team and I and we can talk through the steps and put you in touch with a local (and awesome!) real estate agent for your buying and selling needs.

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