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Purchasing a home can be stressful and difficult. Between the different loan programs and companies that are available, borrowers can easily be overwhelmed. At CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing an easy and stress-free experience for our clients. Our employees are experienced in their field, and we are confident that they provide the best experience possible.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with condominiums, town homes, single family homes, and new construction markets. The CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. branch located in Leesburg is licensed to lend in Florida and Illinois.

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Owning a home is exciting and rewarding!

We’re here to make the financing process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible — because it’s more than a mortgage, it’s the keys to your future!

Whether it’s your first home, a luxury home or an investment property, a mortgage puts you in position to enjoy all sorts of personal and financial benefits: equity and wealth building, security and stability, pride of ownership and more!

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