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This is Our Why

To provide clients with a joyful and safe experience around the most emotional, sizeable and financially impactful purchase of their lives. We believe in executing with excellence to provide our clients delightful refuge around life's most monumental purchase.

You Matter.

We deliver delightful refuge for our clients by, educating, being responsive and available, executing with excellence in everything we do, and giving back to our community to those who need hope through every transaction we close.

Experience Matters

We execute with excellence in everything we do for our clients.

  • Ask questions and listen to our clients to fully understand their needs
  • Be sensitive to the fears and apprehensions many buyers have about purchasing real estate and obtaining a mortgage loan
  • Offer mortgage solutions that complement our clients overall financial strategy, allowing them to most effectively accomplish their short term and long term financial goals as it relates to their real estate needs
  • Communicate regularly and proactively with our clients about the status of their transaction to minimize the stress associated with uncertainty
  • Ensure a smooth and on-time closing with anticipated costs and terms
  • Operate with integrity and honesty in everything we do
  • Measure our success by our clients’ ability to confidently recommend us
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Supporting the Housing Needs of Patient Families at Seattle Children's

Housing Solutions for Hope (HS4H) and its members aim to deliver safe, readily-available housing solutions for patient families in greatest need at Seattle Children’s to improve health care outcomes while supporting hope, care and cures. By starting a guild that can create a funding source for housing solutions, we can provide hope for the patient families that Seattle Children’s serves.

Stacia and her husband became founding members of HS4H after giving to Seattle Children’s for many years. Stacia has historically donated a portion of every closed transaction to Seattle Children’s uncompensated care. They felt compelled to give to Seattle Children's as they know how impactful this hospital can be to save children's lives.

Learn About HS4H

At CrossCountry Mortgage, your future is our focus.

A business coach and a book changed Stacia Weishaar’s life. She was so moved by “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek that it inspired her to end her career as a software executive and propel her back into the mortgage industry after a 10-year hiatus. Her “why” in all she does in life is about building and fostering relationships with a foundation of transparency so that everyone she loves, likes, and knows is safe.

As a young child at the age of six, she was at risk of losing her own life. Now, Stacia lives each day with joy and a deep intention of keeping those she cares about safe. Because of her deep values of transparency and safety, she leads every interaction with her clients and partners with a drive to educate. Stacia and her team lead their mortgage practice with mindfulness. From the first point of contact through closing and beyond, she educates her clients based on their specific mortgage financing needs with a goal of managing the asset – their home.

Stacia is a national top performer. Her goal in business is to partner with like-minded people to effortlessly expand their referral networks while strengthening existing relationships with customers, partners, and peers. Her industry vision is to create a delightful refuge surrounding one of the most emotional, sizeable, and financially impactful purchases of their lives.

  • 2021 $156.9 Million Funded
  • In 2021 Over 270 in Units Sold
  • Over 35 Years Experience

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