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What should your home humidity levels be set at each season?

Humidity levels can be a big deal in a home. Too little humidity can cause damage to your house, irritate your skin/eyes/sinuses or dry out your plants. But too much humidity can cause condensation on your windows, mold in your walls and even moisture damage.

(Side note: the reason I’m emailing about this topic is because my humidifier recently went down for a couple of weeks and my whole family noticed a huge difference…our skin was drier and itchier, we were getting shocked all the time and I noticed our wood shrinking in some spots of the house.)

So what levels are best at the various times of the year?

  1. If you have a humidifier on your furnace, here is a quick guide for what the settings should be for various outside temperatures.
    Outside Temperature Recommended RH
    +40 F 45%
    +30 F 40%
    +20 F 35%
    +10 F 30%
    0 F 25%
    -10 F 30%
    -20 F 15%
  2. If you do not have a humidifier on your furnace, here is a great article that will tell you how to measure the humidity levels and things you can do to change the humidity at different times of the year.

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