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Homebuying Tips

  • Contingent vs Non-Contingent


    As a homebuyer, is important to discuss your home financing process so that you know whether or not you can write an offer that is non-contingent.


  • How To Finance Your Home Improvement


    The amount of equity you have with your home may afford you the opportunity to take out the cash needed for your home improvements through a cash out refinance.


  • Credit Scores and Mortgage Credit Reports


    Does pulling a mortgage credit report affect your credit score?


  • Recasting


    A cost effective way to take the proceeds from the sale of the current home and apply to the new loan post-closing. The servicer will apply the funds and lower the loan balance.


  • Purchase Loans


    In this competitive purchase market, it is most important to get pre-approved and take it a step further and get pre-underwritten.


  • Should My Name be on the Home Loan or Title?


    Listen to find out if it make sense for a married couple to have both names on the mortgage loan?


  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff


    Don't' sweat the small stuff when looking for your new home. For every $1,000 in a mortgage loan, there is only about a $5 increase in the monthly payment.


  • What is an Appraisal and Why Do I Need One?


    The purpose of an appraisal is to provide an independent and impartial analysis of the property.



Client Testimonials

  • Realtor Meg Marsh


    Meg Marsh shares her story of working with Gina and The Gina Myers Team over the years.


  • First Time Homebuyers Daniel and Anna Zimmet


    Daniel and Anna share their story in working with Gina Myers on purchasing their first home.


  • Bety Idriss - Past Client


    Bety shares her experience in purchasing her first home with the Gina Myers Team.


  • Michelle and Paul Carney - Past Client


    Paul and Michelle share their story in working with the Gina Myers Team.